Sunday, January 24, 2010

Hockey! Who knew?

Wow, who would have known that I would love hockey?  We went to a Wichita Thunder game last night with Davis' cub scout pack. They are a minor league team and they were playing for the first time in our new big arena (bring on the bigger artists now Wichita!).

We were sitting up in the nosebleed section and I can't wait to go again and get some really good seats.  My favorite part?  I loved it when I saw gloves and helmets start to fly.....that meant a fight.  I asked Michael why the refs weren't breaking it up and he said they don't until one of the guys hit the ice.

I enjoyed everything about the game though.  I liked the way the periods are with the breaks in between.  I loved the enthusiasm of the crowd and how it draws you in.  I LOVED watching Davis stand up and dance everytime the music came on. He was quite the entertainment for our section I'm afraid.  Thankfully we let him sit 2 rows down from us with some friends of ours. haha No one knew who he belonged to.

So, we had a really really great time.  I've never really watched hockey on tv but definitely want to give it try.  I'm sure nothing beats it live but I'd really like to learn the rules etc of the game.

Go Thunder!

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