Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What's going on with my TV shows.

Last night FOX Broadcasting canceled 2 more of my fave shows.  That makes 3 in the last year.  The 3 shows were Terriers, Lie To Me, and The Chicago Code.

I think it's just a coincidence that all 3 shows were created by Shawn Ryan.  Seriously, the man makes great TV.  The Shield did wonderful as did his show The Unit.

Each of the shows were really great.  Those kind of shows where you look forward to each new episode.

So, what are people watching if they aren't watching the "good" shows?  I understand that the canceled shows didn't have good enough "numbers".....not enough viewers.  So, where are the viewers?  Are they watching more cable than network shows?  I remember once thinking "How can Jersey Shore be so popular and all the good shows have minimal viewers?!"  

Last of my rant.  Soap Operas.  I don't watch them anymore but there was a time I loved every show that ABC had on.  They started at noon with All My Children, then One Life To Live at 1pm, and finally General Hospital at 2pm.  I did turn them on a couple of times in the last month.  You can go a few years without watching one then jump back in and not miss too much.  And there are always nice familiar faces.  ABC has lost their minds by canceling the first two mentioned above.  There's talk about General Hospital being dumped eventually as well.

I guess I'm just stuck watching mediocre television.  :-(