Wednesday, January 06, 2010


OMGosh!  I was a total tomboy when I was little and somehow my daughters are girly girl drama queens!  *sigh* Sometimes it tires me out, sometimes I can't quit laughing. I strongly suggest the laughing be done when you are out of earshot of a drama queen. Otherwise, they scream and slam a lot of doors.

So, there are 16 years between drama queen #1, Heather and drama queen #2, Rylie.

#1 lives in KY with her Army Sgt husband and their 3 kids.(yes, one of her kids is a girl..payback's a b*tch bwwhahaha).  #1's husband is getting ready to deploy to Afghanistan for a year and I was able to talk her in to moving back to KS while he is gone. We can see her and get to know the grandkids more.  We saw her Thanksgiving and we saw her Christmas.  Ahh Christmas. #1 gives #2 a shirt that she got that was too small.  #2 loves it and wants to wear it all the time.
Last night #2 puts on the shirt and starts tearing up, "I miss #1".  arghhh  here we go with the waterworks.  I'm not heartless, I'm really not.  This just happens OFTEN and it happened OFTEN when #1 was 8yrs old like #2 is now.  Keeping up?

I calmly and nicely remind #2 that in just a few weeks #1 will be living nearby and they will spend lots of time together.  #2 can spend the night at #1's house and help with the little kids etc.  #1 is really a great big sister and does #2's hair and nails etc.  All that girly-girl stuff.  I remind #2 that #1 will be here for a year.

What reaction do I get?  MORE TEARS and then "But mom, when #1 leaves again it will just be that much harder because I will be more attached to her". OMG!  Ok so I calmly and nicely(I'm trying) explain to her that you can't worry about things in the future or you won't enjoy the present as much as you should.  I'm thinking this is a great explanation and she should calm down.  Nope.  I get the "You just don't understand! You don't understand what it's like to have a sister and she's so far away!!".  SIGH  And this is about where my patience ran out.  I don't deal with the doom and gloom drama queen stuff.  The "other" drama queen stuff is fine..the exasperation, the rolling of the eyes, the goofiness, even the slamming doors.
So, my reply this time is "That's MY little girl you're talking about and you don't know what it's like having a little girl and she's so far away."  Silence for just a second and BAM, there it is.  Door slamming.

OK the door slamming ending didn't actually happen THIS time but it will.....omgosh you can bet it will!

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Sinful Southern Sweets said...

Hehe! This is hilarius, I can relate as I have 2 little drama quees of my own. The youngest is 18 months and I can already see it emerging:)