Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Lazy With No Dreams

That was me.  I've been lazy with no dreams for quite a while.  Years even.

I used to wake up, take the kids to school and then fall asleep in my chair around 10am.  In the evening after dinner I would try to fall asleep in my chair while we were watching television. Twice I dozed off while talking on the phone to my daughter.   If given the opportunity I'm sure I could have slept around the clock.  I'm not sure when the dreams stopped.  I'm pretty sure it was a gradual thing.  No happy dreams, weird dreams or even nightmares.

Why?  Obstructive Sleep Apnea

I snored.  Evidently it was pretty loud because family members could hear me no matter their location in the house.  Michael said he could even still hear me during his  morning shower!  I also would wake up several times in the middle of the night.

So, two sleep studies later and I have a magical machine next to my bed.  It's not pretty.  It has a long tube and a full face mask.  But now I don't stop breathing during the night.  Michael said I used to snore, gasp and struggle to breathe during the night.  Now he says it's nice and quiet.

So, now I'm sleeping during the night and I haven't wanted/needed to take a nap at all during the day!   And because I'm finally falling into a deeper sleep, I'm dreaming again.  Weird.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Sunday, November 06, 2011

Heather does it again!

If you were lucky enough to read my Whack-a-Mole post you know that my 26 year old daughter has no trouble getting dirty.

So, we had some sort of clog in one of the main drains.  We spent 5 hours on Friday trying to snake it out from every plumbing orifice in this house.  I could not use the dishwasher, the kitchen sink, or the clothes washer!  I really NEEDED all of those things since every towel in the house was wet and gross from all the flooding....and when this happened the dishwasher was full of dirty dishes ready to be washed....ugh ugh.

After so many hours on Friday I asked Michael if we could just quit for the day.  So this morning Michael is sure that the clog is part of the plumbing that he replaced, so he knows what needs to be done.  All of this is in my crawl space.....and MY crawlspace is the reason they named that area under the house a CRAWLspace....Although it wouldn't have hurt to name them Army Crawlspaces.  Seriously.

 So, I call Heather(she's supposed to be here in 2 hours so I can babysit for her) and I ask what she's doing. She says getting the kids dressed.  I say "Can you just throw them in the car and go down in the crawlspace with your dad?".  Her exact reply was "yes, be there in a minute".
So, Heather crawls under the house over to the big line that must have the clog.  Luckily it was attached with a rubber connector with clamps....we have super old and nasty pipes.  She was able to open the pipe, and with the help of a long coat hanger, pull out a clog that was VERY large....mind you there was disgusting water behind that clog.  She came up soaking wet.  Michael supervised her because there's not a lot of room down there and if you can get one skinny person in there you've got it made.
At least this time the plumbing didn't involve used toilet water...if you get my drift.

So, the score goes like this.
Old house with really crappy plumbing - 0
Heather - 2