Saturday, November 27, 2010


Well we survived yet another Thanksgiving with a house full of people.  Missed Joe and Kylie though.  Also Pam but she stopped by later in the day.  As usual my favorite adopted son Andrew came by for a visit as he has every Thanksgiving Day for as long as I can remember.
No Thanksgiving Karaoke this year.  Hmmmm  Maybe we'll need to have some Christmas Karaoke in a few weeks.

I hate when Thanksgiving is over and I haven't started Christmas shopping.  I always feel like I'm running behind.  I suppose I'll just need to make a list and get moving.

In the last 4 weeks we have had our dishwasher break and now the washing machine.  I only had to go a few days without the dishwasher but I'm going to be about a month before my washing machine can be delivered. DANG all those Black Friday shoppers for buying appliances and taking all the earlier delivery dates.
It's not like anyone gives a new washer and dryer as a Christmas gift. geez!  So, will take inventory of the laundry and hit the laundromat to get caught up. Luckily the dryer is working fine so I'll just bring home the wet clothes and dry them here.  Daughter-in-law has graciously offered to help me out.  She actually has a load of towels at her house right now.

As usual nothing interesting to write about.  I've finished a few good books and am starting a new one today......just can't decide which one.  Have I mentioned how much I LOVE my Nook?  Yeah, I do.