Monday, January 25, 2010

A Busy Week and Bittersweet

Yikes!  So much to do this week.  I'm going to have that silly meniscus looked at on Wednesday by an orthopedic surgeon.  Will be interesting to see what he he says.

Friday morning my oldest son will be driving me to Kansas City so I can get a flight out of there to Nashville.

Tomorrow morning my son in law will be deploying to Afghanistan. He'll be leaving behind my daughter and 4 kids.  This is his 3rd deployment. His first two were to Iraq.  Heather stayed in KY during his last deployment. She did come to Wichita to have baby #3 so I could help her a bit but she hasn't lived in Wichita in over 3 years.  We've missed a lot of milestones with those grandkids and it will be so great to have them nearby for the next year!!

So, Friday I fly to Nashville where Heather will pick me up.  Friday evening and Saturday we will spend finishing packing and loading up a U-Haul truck.  Sunday morning I will drive her car and the 3 littlest grandkids back to Wichita.  A 12 hour drive.  LOL this should be interesting!  The grandsons are 3 & 2 and grandaughter is only 4 months.  Heather has to wait for base housing to give her clearance on Monday morning and then she and her 5 yr old will drive the U-Haul to Wichita.

So, starting next week all of my kids and grandkids will be living here.  I'm excited to spend time with Heather but also to bond a bunch with her kids.  It's hard to be the long distance Gramma.  They don't know me like the rest of the grandkids.  Each time we see them we have to wait for them to warm up to us etc.

So, that's it.  A very busy week.  Bittersweet because I am very happy that Heather and the kids will be here but sad that her husband has to deploy to a dangerous place for that to happen.
Please keep him in your prayers.

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