Monday, December 21, 2009

The Usual Silliness

The kids are out of school and go back on the 4th. It always throws me off a bit when my schedule changes. Yeah life is rough as a stay-at-home-mom.

Today after Michael came home from work we were all standing in the kitchen. Rylie was showing us a picture she had drawn recently. We looked at it and then Michael and I continued talking. I looked up to see Rylie sticking her picture on the wall. Knowing I didn't have tape or sticky-tak in the kitchen I asked her what she was doing. She said she was putting it up on the wall with the sticky stuff from the island countertop. That's when I remember that Davis spilled a few drops of MAPLE SYRUP that I missed wiping up. OOPS

Around dinnertime Michael said the funniest thing to me. This proves how much he loves me. He asked me to defrost some hamburger meat in the microwave because he was going to make some cheeseburgers. So, I did. And he said "HOW CAN ANYBODY SCREW UP DEFROSTING MEAT!!??". I busted up laughing and said "Wait! I have to write that down. It's a great blog topic!". He laughed with me then.....or AT me, but it's all the same. The man is a Saint!

In my defense I don't really think because the hamburger meat was a bit cooked on the edges that it was "screwed up". He ought to have been happy that I actually COOKED something even a little bit!

Ok so my life isn't crazy interesting but we do love to entertain ourselves here.

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