Sunday, December 20, 2009

25 Things About Chris

I stole this from my Facebook page. It says a lot about me. I'm desperate for topics to blog about..

1. I was born and raised in Texas but you couldn't pay me enough money to move back there.

2. I have horrible social anxiety and can't stand meeting new people and feel uncomfortable and awkward unless I'm talking to family or a really close friend.

3. My maternal grandmother died over 20 years ago but she will always be the woman I most admire. She never had a bad word to say about anyone and loved her family unconditionally.

4. There is a 22 year difference between my oldest son and my youngest son.

5. I would love to find at least one hobby that I am good at instead of a bunch that I'm barely mediocre doing.

6. My dad looks like Sean Connery. If we could only get him to talk with an accent he'd be perfect.

7. Having kids when you are young(early 20's) has a few perks. Abundant energy being one.

8. Having kids when you are mature?(early 40's) also has a few perks. Patience and experience.

9. Being overweight has always depressed me.....I'm ALWAYS overweight! haha

10. I wish I had read with my older kids every night like I do with my younger kids.

11. I absolutely love it that my big kids think my mom is the coolest grandmother in the world. She is, but she was also the coolest mom.

12. My husband and my kids are the most important things in the world to me. Family is SO important.

13. My first name is Erica....middle name Christine. When I was little, and not so little, my own grandmother called me Chrissy Baby. Can't believe I typed that. If anyone calls me that now it had better be my grandmother speaking to me from Heaven otherwise someone will get hurt.

14. I have THE most adorable grandkids.

15. It's embarrassing when the girl at Starbucks knows your name and also knows when you've fallen off the Atkins Diet.
ME- "I'll have a Quad Grande White Mocha stirred well, please".
BARISTA- "Hi Chris. Not doing your Atkins?"
ME-"I'll have a Grande Pike's Place Roast with room"
BARISTA- "Hi Chris. Back on Atkins eh?"

16. I have a serious phobia of dentists. I can get light-headed, queasy AND have a panic attack just making an appointment for myself. I can make an appointment for my kids AND take them to the dentist with NO trouble at all. It's only when it concerns MY mouth that it's a problem.

17. I got anxious and queasy just typing that last one! I got anxious and queasy AGAIN while proofreading it before finally posting.

18. I learned to ride a motorcycle when I was about 5. I have a bike now and hope to be riding it while the kids are in school when the weather warms up.

19. I HATE to cook. I'd rather be poked in the eye with a stick. I don't mind baking cookies or cakes but can't stand cooking meals. lol My poor family.

20. I'm only at 20?? OMGosh...what more can I write?

21. I love my iPhone and can't go anywhere without it. It reminds me to do just about everything.

22. I'm pretty handy. I can replace a thermostat on a clothes dryer all by myself. I can take an alternator off of a car, can replace spark plugs and spark plug wires, change oil(if I wanted to! ha) etc etc Oh, in my younger years I helped my dad rebuild my 68 VW bug after it caught fire(fuel pump leak).

23. I love it that my youngest son has my maiden name for his first name. Although, he still doesn't quite understand why his grandparents are Davis' too. Ha!

24. Ok let me say something nice about each of my kids. Jarrett and Rylie are identical.....both very tender-hearted souls. Daniel and Davis are also identical.....both quirky, funny, momma's boys. Heather is Heather. She's independent and her own person. I think she got that from being the youngest and only girl growing up. She could boss those older brothers around like nothing else!

25. Man! I'm hungry. What shall I eat?
"I'll have a Quad Grande White Mocha, stirred well please".
Yeah, no Atkins for me today!

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