Wednesday, December 02, 2009

My Girls

Two years ago my grown daughter and I saw an ad for daschund puppies for sale.  Mini doxies, golden brown with semi-long hair.  They were adorable.

There were two to chose from and I immediately fell in love with one.  Thank goodness my daughter told me to pick.  About a month later my daughter had to return(with her puppy) to KY where she lived on the Army base while her husband was in Iraq.

My little doxie's name is Emmie.  She is a sweet and gentle girl.

Fast-forward a year and a half later.  My daughter was having trouble with her doxie(Missy) and housetraining. Because my daughter had 3 little boys and was expecting again, I took Missy in. What else could I do for my Emmie's twin sister?

Both of "the girls"(which is how we refer to them) look very much alike.  Emmie is a tiny bit longer with a longer nose. Missy's hair is a little softer.  What I love most about the girls is that their personalities are like night and day.  Missy is hyper and a real people dog.  Emmie is calm and reserved.
While Missy will jump quickly into a lap, roll over and want her belly rubbed. Emmie will give gentle hugs by laying her head in the crook of our necks.  Emmie would NEVER be so undignified as to roll over and bare her stomach.  Not for anyone. She's a lady through and through.  Missy is a tomboy, all rough and tumble. My husband only learned to tell them apart by their actions and not their looks.

My girls are both sweet and loveable and wouldn't it be boring if they both acted exactly the same!?

Of all the pets we've had, these two have stolen my heart.

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