Monday, March 29, 2010

Hmmmmmm Not sure what that was.

I think I may be working myself out of my funk.  Things were frustrating/overwhelming but I guess it's better now.  I think I need a mega dose of sunshine.

I REALLY need to get my house clean and have it stay that way for more than 12 hours. I think that's what's been getting me down lately.  If the house is in order I don't feel like I'm neglecting something if I do something for myself.....BUT that pretty much means if the house is a disaster day after day then I do NOTHING for myself.

So, I'm working on it.  Working on the house, working on my attitude etc.

Blessings to anyone who might read, C


Anonymous said...

I'm feeling it too. I've been more than just a bit off kilter for the last few weeks. I'm trying to shake it off through some spring cleaning. Good luck with yours.

TJ said...

I SO agree that when my house is in order, I'm a much better person to everyone around, including myself. And when it's a mess, well, I'm a mess, too. Spring cleaning may actually be good for the soul! :)

WhisperingWriter said...

Good luck with that!

I just cleaned my house. I imagine it'll get messy again in a matter of minutes though.