Thursday, March 04, 2010


Here is a picture of my youngest grandchild.  She is 5 months old.  The big bow is supposed to take the attention away from her bald head I think.

She's a good baby and she and her brothers are living 5 minutes away from me while their dad is deployed to Afghanistan.

I need to find a picture of her sharing her sweet smile.

Wasn't sure what to blog today so figured a baby picture was always a safe bet.

Blessings, C


Ok there she is smiling.  That's just a few hours ago.  Yeah, I know, the bow.  It's just a tad on the large side. haha

This is what happens when you have 3 boys before finally getting that little girl. I had 3 boys before having her mommy so I know how it is.  EVERYTHING must be pink and girly.


amynelsonmom said...

She is an absolute doll! What a blessing. I am praying for her and for her Daddy who is away. I can't imagine having to live that life, but have several friends who do. I agree with you whole heartedly...when all else fails, look at a baby. They always make me smile!

Anonymous said...

She is not going to like those bow pictures when she gets older. I think they're darling and she is really precious. How fun it must be to have them close to you. I am sure your daughter is grateful for the support too.

Chris said...

Thanks Amy. We appreciate the prayers for their family. I understand you get to look after the precious Jack every day. I know you're a blessing to HIS family

Elizabeth. LOL Luckily, as Gramma, I can later just say, "I told your Mom they looked silly but she wouldn't listen".

Thanks for the replies!