Wednesday, March 03, 2010

A Good Week, so far.

Wow, this has been a good week so far.  I've gotten so much done and it feels good.

I did my 40 minute library duty on Monday at school and will do another on Friday. I brought home some computer work I'm doing for one of the kindergarten classes.  I don't mind that sort of stuff at all.  It's easy and quick for me but saves the teacher from having to take work home with her.

I've been cleaning like crazy and both bathrooms got emptied, cleaned and then reorganized.  Yeah, did the cat litter too.  That's a whole other blog.  I love my cat but the litter thing is getting OLD.  Let's see, what else.  There is no dirty laundry.  It's being done a load a day now and that will keep it caught up forever. ;-)

My knee is healing wonderfully.  It's been 19 days since the surgery and I'm barely even limping on it now.  It still has a lot of inflammation in it so am taking Motrin for that.  I did have a "cankle" twice now!  I've had 5 full -term pregnancies and NEVER did I have swollen ankles while pregnant!  I have to admit I freaked a bit when I saw the ankle swollen the first time. Cankles are never pretty. haha

I've been spending a lot of time with my grown daughter, Heather.  Her husband was recently deployed to Afghanistan and she moved back to our hometown with her kids.  It's been a lot of fun.  We haven't had a baby around in a while...not since the 3 little 3yr old boys were babies.  Abigail is a sweetheart.  She's 5 months old now and love to interact with everyone.  The little boys are hilarious. Malachi, at 3, is quiet, subdued, and a huge cuddler. Brayden, at 2, is a monster!  If he starts to touch something and I tell him no, he looks at me while sticking his index finger out very slowly to touch the object....all the while smiling.  He's sneaky as can be.  Reminds me of the movie Kramer vs Kramer when the Billy gets the ice cream from the freezer and dad is telling him "no".  Except Brayden would smile a little devilish grin at you while he took the first bite!.

Midnight and I should get to bed.  I'm hoping tomorrow will be just as productive as the last two days.

Blessings, C


WebSavvyMom said...

-->It's always nice to have babies around especially when they belong to someone else. ha!

Smores for Breakfast said...

How lucky your daughter is to have you around to help out! Cute blog!