Sunday, March 21, 2010

Frustrated and Pissy

I'm really feeling frustrated and pissy lately. My knee is still not back to 100%.  It's stiff a lot and I cannot kneel down on it. I usually kneel a lot during the day while cleaning or doing stuff with kids.  I'm just not seeing how I'm going to be able to run again.  The surgeon assured me right after the surgery that running again would happen.

So, what do I do if I'm not smoking and not running?  Yep, I'm eating....and continuing to put on  MORE extra lbs.  I think it really really REALLY sucks that I quit smoking over a year ago and it's still running my life.  I have cravings every day still.  What's up with that???  Anyway, I'm see myself sinking into a slump here that I feel like I won't be able to climb back out of.

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