Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Lists? I make lists.

Recently on a blog I read there was talk about lists.  "Bucket Lists"....things people would like to do in their lifetime.  I LOVE lists. I make lists for all types of things.  Grocery lists, to do lists, Christmas lists, menu lists, lists for housework, lists for kids' homework, lists of important numbers etc.

Never in my life have a made a list of things I've wanted to accomplish in my life. Yeah, don't get your hopes up because I seriously doubt that I'm going to scratch one out now.  At 45, isn't it a bit too late to do that? I've accomplished a few things that would have been on a list I'm sure.

1. Married a wonderful man
2. Became a mom (twice really but that's a long story)
3. Was able to be a stay-at-home mom for my kids
4. Be a grandmother (ok, not sure if that would have made it onto a list when I was younger but there it is)

That's about it.

I didn't go to college, I don't have any skills really, not sure I ever actually picked what I wanted "to be when I grow up".  Too late for that? I honestly don't have any desire to go back to school.  I would love to get a job where I was still available for my kids before & after school.  Not a lot of those out there.  I'd love to help with our family finances because private school is expensive but I can't figure out how.  If there are real and valid work-at-home jobs there's no way of weeding through the scams etc to find them.
What to do?

Maybe I should make a list but then I'm afraid if I did make one that it would only be a list of things I wish could happen that never would.  And wouldn't that be more depressing than just not having a list at all??

I'll have to think more on this. At this point in my life I'm not even sure what a list like that would contain.



Sarah Fain said...

Well, first of all... you ARE a writer! Second of all, remember that my list had things like "buy a DVD player" on it. You don't have to start with anything grand... just things you want to do. That could be as simple as "take a walk every day for a week," or "call that friend I lost touch with." That's the great thing-- your list is your own. Good luck!

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