Sunday, November 22, 2009

I'm trying to try.

Just a quick note.  Last year hubby moved his old big screen tv into the front room to make room for his flat panel.  Up until now the kids have just been playing their wii on the old one.  It has no cable hooked to it or anything.  Well, this weekend I hooked up a DVD player to it.  My treadmill sits in front.

Previously I've just never been able to stick with the treadmill because it's SO BORING.  All I had was my music to listen to.  Well now I'm going to try to watch stuff.  I'd rather watch the news or The View or something but the DVD player will suffice.  Now, what to watch?

I thought about watching my 24 DVD's from season one.  But I've seen all of those so I feel like I need something new to really hold my attention.  I have the first season of Seinfeld on, I never ever watched the show but always wanted to.  So, that might be good.  I totally missed the first season of Lie To Me and if I can talk one of my kids into getting it for me for Christmas....hehe..I'll watch that.  So, after Thanksgiving guests are all gone at the end of this coming week I hope to get on that darn treadmill.  I'll start out walking and just go from there.

Wish me luck!

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