Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Cool Cars, Tough Decisions

When my adult kids were little I drove mini-vans.  Then I drove a Ford Expedition.  After the kids were grown and driving their own cars my husband bought me a Miata. Woohoo! Only two seats.  I'd tell the big kids there was only enough room for me and my purse.  Oh, and of course having a convertible rocked!  When we decided to have more kids hubby and I traded and I went back to driving the Expedition.

So, three years ago we traded the Miata for a Jeep.  Not just any Jeep but a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited (4 doors) in Rescue Green. It's the coolest vehicle ever.

The day we bought the Jeep was the only day I can remember in my life where I did "the girl thing".  The dealership only had two Unlimiteds that day.  The Rescue Green, bare bones, and a black one loaded with power and all sorts of good stuff.  I chose by color that day and have kicked myself in the ass MANY times since then.  It's 2009 Chris! Who rolls their windows up manually?  Who has to unlock and lock their doors with a flipping key??? I do.  Yes, I have the coolest color car. Yes, it looks totally awesome with the whole top and all 4 doors off.  Yes, I love my personalized license plate that says JEEPERS and also my Life Is Good spare tire cover.  I DO love the Jeep.

I want power. We always assumed that next Spring we would trade in Rocco. I forgot to mention that my Jeep had a name didn't I?  Rocco after Rocco DeLuca and the Burden because they are my all time favorite band and their first CD was the same rescue green color as the Jeep.  So, we assumed we'd trade Rocco for another Jeep with power and every other option available.   I don't care AT ALL what color it is.

BUT, and here is the tough part.  Last night I started thinking about all the things that I don't like about the Jeep.  The back seat is cramped. It seats two kids ok but you put that third one in the middle and it's sardine city.  The kids in the back seat seem like they are breathing right down your neck too.  So, here is what I'm thinking.

I know, it's a depressing thought but something that must be considered.  I like the extra room a mini-van would give us.  I love the thought of getting kids in and out quickly.  The Jeep is hard for the kids to climb in to and Davis at 6 yrs still needs a push on the tush to get up and in.  I like the idea of being able to drive for the kids field trips and carry more than one extra kid.  I'm sure hubby would like more room as the driver's seat IS a bit cramped.

Well, I have until Spring to think about it.  Maybe I'll go have a look at mini-vans to see what's new with them.  It's probably time though.

Do mini-van drivers have a "wave" like Jeep owners do?  Do they wave at the other drivers of mini-vans? NO? Dang, one more cool thing to lose.


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