Wednesday, July 28, 2010

To exercise or not to exercise...

The only thing I love more than pencils is....

new tennis shoes.  Or whatever you want to call them.  I don't play tennis but that's how we've always referred to athletic shoes.  Weird.  Anyway. In the past I've always bought cross trainers.  Now, before I get too deep here I should mention that I don't play tennis AND I don't cross train.

Only once have I bought shoes to use for their exact purpose.  That was 2 years ago.  I bought a pair of running shoes because I had started a running program.  It seems like SO long ago and yet I still miss it.  No matter how far I ran in our neighborhood I always ended my run and started my cool down in almost the same spot. It was right on the corner by our fire station.  I originally started running near the fire station so I could joke that if I keeled over during a run at least I'd be near some guys who might help. I digress.

Every time I drive that little stretch to the north of the fire station I still can feel that sense of accomplishment that I always felt when I hit that part of my run.  I was finished, I had accomplished something really cool, I was proud of myself and I felt great. 

I want to feel that way again.  Not sure if I'll be able to actually run with my knee still being wonky since my surgery.  I think I've been using that as an excuse to not even try.  So, the new running shoes I ordered arrived today.  Yes, I'm being optimistic because I bought running shoes and not walking shoes.  I can walk in running shoes if I have to but I don't think I can really run in walking shoes.  
So, the plan is to just start walking.  I also need to get to the Y because there are some weight machines that my physical therapist told me would be helpful to increase the strength in my knee again.  I know if I get into a good rhythm the running will probably happen eventually.  

So yeah, we'll see how all this goes.


multiplemama said...

Go for it! Getting out and walking or running can change everything about even my worst days!

WhisperingWriter said...

Good luck! Just try it out and see how it goes.

yogini cowgirl said...

Have you tried yoga? Might be a tad nicer to your knees :)

And you don't even need sneakers to do it!

Chris said...

I have thought about Yoga. I'm a little too self-conscious to join a class right now but I do have a few DVD's.
Oh, but I still must have sneakers! LOL I love new sneakers.