Friday, July 23, 2010

The same ol' thing.

WOW, so much going on right about now.  Between now and August 13th we have to buy new school uniforms, 2 pairs of tennis shoes each, backpacks, supplies.  We also need to get school physicals.  One kid needs an eye appointment and both need a dental appt.

Somewhere in there I have to convince myself that tuition isn't going to kill us this year.
I get 3 emails from school in 2 days.
1st email tells me what our tuition will be and wants to know which payment plan we want.
2nd email tells me that Rylie has been recommended for the accelerated Language program....that's another 1200. 00 in tuition.
3rd email tells me our school has had something like 100K worth of requests for tuition assistance and can I help?
um yeah.....not really.

A couple of minor funny things.  Kids and I were in the dr's office last week.  One of them asked about injections and I was trying to explain the difference between subcutaneous and intramuscular.  Somewhere in that explanation I used the term "fatty tissue".  Those two words for some reason send 7 & 9 yr olds into the major giggles.  Not sure why.
Other minor funny thing was something my dear mother-in-law said.  Bless her heart.  She's a couple of years short of 80 and has never had a colonoscopy.  I was talking to her about them and how the prep is actually worse than the test.  Her main fear is that they might  puncture one of her lungs.  I did assure her that they don't go "that high" and they aren't near the lungs....poor wonder she's been putting off getting one.

No excitement here.  Same thing day in and day out.


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