Monday, July 05, 2010

I'm a year younger! again!

Today's my birthday. I was sure I was turning 47 today.  Have been thinking that for at least 6months or more.  I've been telling everyone I'm 46 for quite a while.  Anyway, this isn't the first year I've done this.   I think when I turned 43 I did the same thing.....was sure I was turning 44. 

Is this something I should be happy about?  I mean I'm pleased as punch because that's two years now that I have haven't aged! haha.  OR, is this something that should frighten the crap out of me??  The fact that I can't even remember my that a memory problem?  dementia? old age? haha 

Maybe this is just more proof that the number really isn't that important to me.  Maybe this has to do with me having 3 kids in my early 20's and then 2 more in my late late 30's.  I think it is true that kids keep you young. Whatever is I guess I like it.

So, today I'm 46!  woot! 

Peace to all, Chris

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