Thursday, February 25, 2010

February Hates Me

Starting Monday things are going to change around here.  I'm so off-kilter right now.  Knee Surgery went very well.  No reason why it shouldn't heal back to 100%.  Michael went above and beyond taking care of me.  He was constantly catering to all of my needs while I was recuperating.  My knee was always elevated and iced.  If I needed a drink, it was right there.  The man seriously pampered me!

So, tomorrow is the big chapel program put on by my son's 1st grade class.  His teacher asked me in January if I'd help her with this.  Let's just say that what could go wrong, has gone wrong.  The kids have many speaking parts and each kid has about 6 still pictures that go along with their parts.  I've put it together several times only to have one thing or another go wrong.  The teacher has been having massive problems with the kid side of the program. It's just been weird.  So, this morning we spoke knowing that a few hours later we'd be doing the final rehearsal.  The teacher even mentioned she was prepared for more mishaps but we are sure the final program will go off without a hitch.  So, I had some errands to run this  morning, had to add a few last minute things to the video etc. I'd talked to a kid at the church who offered to meet me in the chapel and show me how to hook into the sound system and the projector screen that comes out of the high ceiling.
So, on my way to the church(school) I slammed head on into a  man in a mini-van.  Ok that sounded a bit more dramatic than it was I guess.  I've never been in a car accident so the "slammed" part seemed a lot harder than the damage indicated.  Lucky for me the guy's van already looked like it may have just come from a demolition derby.  My Expedition is a tank so it any damage was minimal.  Anyway, it was just ONE MORE THING  to deal with.
Tomorrow at 2:50 I'll be screaming with relief I think after the program is done.

Next week and for many weeks in the future I'm sticking to my twice weekly 30 minute helper job in the library. Yep, that's it.  For now.  Until I recover.

So, here's to March!

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