Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Well, some of my babies are gone.  They've headed back to Kentucky.

All my kids & grandkids live here in Wichita except for my daughter, son-in-law and 3 little ones.  They were here for 2 wonderful weeks.  It was noisy, the house was dirty, there was major chaos but I don't mind so much really.  Told Brayden, he's 3, that I'd miss him and he said "I miss you too Gramma".  What a sweetie.

A few things about each of my grandkids.

Jacob 6 - The first grandkid.  He's active, loves Ben10 stuff, his DS, and has had a mad obsession with dinosaurs his entire life.  Loves his Gramma.

Ellie 6 -  The first granddaughter..  She's loves all things princess. She can be "all girl" or  a "all tomboy" depending on the time and place.  AKA EllieGirl.  Loves her Gramma.

Caedmon - 4  The first of the 3 boy cousins all born within 5 months of each other.  He's smart, funny, has his own opinions about things.  Loves all things Batman.  Loves his Gwamma, aka Gramma.

Gabriel - 4  A sweetie of a boy!  Gabe love to play.  He would make a perfect only child because he's happy either on his own or in a group.   Very cuddly.  AKA GabyBaby.  Loves his Gramma.

Malachi - 4  Very cuddly.  A definite introvert.  LOVES computers, cell phones, video games.  Is going to be a supersmart brainy nerd.  aka Kai Kai.    Loves his Kai Kai, aka Gramma.

Brayden - 3 Super active boy!  Loves matchbox cars & trains.  He jumps, darts, rolls and is totally fearless.  aka Mijo.  Loves his Mija, aka Gramma.

Kylie -2 Adorable little girl.  Loves elmo. Happy all the time.  Likes to sing and loves her Daddy.
Loves Gramma

Abigail -1 The baby(so far).  She's funny & huggable.  Like her Mommy she has 3 older brothers and can hold her own among them.  They best not mess with her or endure her wrath.  aka Abbi or BooBoo.  Loves her Gramma.  

I could write for hours about each of these kiddos.  All different in so many ways.  I love to have them here all at the same time.  Holidays when everyone can be here are the best.   Right now I'll just enjoy the quiet for a time and look forward to grandkids coming over.

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