Monday, December 06, 2010

Terriers :-(

My favorite show was canceled today after one short season.  13 episodes of some of the most fantastic acting I have ever seen. So few people watched and now are clueless as to what they missed.
I'm pretty sure Terriers will remain my most favorite. show. ever.  Seriously, I don't really get hyped up about shows.  Up until Terriers started, Lie To Me was probably my most-liked show.  Honestly I would have thrown it under the bus had that been possible to save Terriers.  Not that that was ever an option I'm just saying if one of my personal fave shows had to go I would have given up any......past and present.

Do yourself a favor. When that single season DVD comes out of Terriers, buy it and watch it.  You won't regret it......well, maybe you will regret not watching it originally because that might have saved it.

RIP Terriers

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