Sunday, May 30, 2010


I'm not a TV addict but when I find a show I like I'm a pretty loyal fan.  In the last week two of my fave shows have had their finales.  Show finales, not season finales.

First was the LOST finale.  I enjoyed LOST every single week through the first 3-4 seasons.  After that I did watch because hubby still watched.  I prefer my shows to not be too complicated.  I want to watch, enjoy but NOT try to figure out what the heck is going on.  It was a great series though.  The actors all marvelous at making us love (or hate) the characters they portrayed.  In the end for me it was the people that was most important.  Let's face it, most everyone had a "happily ever after" and that's my favorite kind of ending.  My husband doesn't like things left unanswered. Why did that happen?  What did that mean? etc...I don't get too caught up in that especially when it's a show like LOST where I just can't keep up with that stuff anyway.  I had tears of joy several times during the finale and to me that is a great finale.

24.  24 has probably been my favorite show ever.  I will truly miss having the 24 people come in to my living room every Monday evening.  So many talented actors and actresses worked on that series.  A lot of great characters got killed off.  No one was safe on 24.  Except maybe Jack. My favorite character, Bill Buchannon, was killed off in Season 7.  Jack was going to do something suicidal to save the President but Bill jumped up and saved the day first.  That was a sad episode for me.  I was very pleased with 24's finale.  Jack lived!  Chloe lived! Chloe DID shoot Jack but she had to.  In the end though Jack acknowledged to Chloe that when he first met her he had no idea that she would be the one who would have this back always.  Chloe teared up watching Jack leave so of course I did as well.   There is talk of a movie but we don't really know if that is something that will really happen.  Could just be speculation, who knows??  I'd say there is always hope since they let Jack live.

I watch a couple of shows that my husband does not watch.  I actually just record them on the DVR and watch them whenever I get a chance.  With 24 gone now it looks like Lie To Me will become my favorite show.  I will be looking forward to it the most!  Also, two other shows that I recently started watching got picked up for another season.  One is Life Unexpected and the other is Parenthood.  Both VERY good series.  I also would like to watch Friday Night Lights but have missed it from the start so need to get caught up by buying the DVD sets.

I don't think that I watch a lot of tv, buy I do love what I watch.

Blessings, Chris

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WhisperingWriter said...

I miss Lost!

And I also enjoy Parenthood. I started to watch Life Unexpected but I missed a few episodes. I'll watch it when it's out on DVD.